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Welcome!   Imaginative Outreach into the Local Communities – sharing the gospel message with others – putting prayers into practice – engaging in the lives of others – learning, sharing in the realities and challenges of life in all its hues provides Christians with the opportunity to share God’s creative,  transformative love.

The great joy of having the freedom to respond to God’s call to be creative – to not worry about always getting things right, to not worry about statistics, but instead to trust that God’s call will bring rich rewards not only to the recipients of prayerful action, but also to those who take the risk.

The Development Team is not a group of experts, but rather a group of people who believe that belief in Jesus Christ is not something to smother as our own, but rather a liberating force which provides courage to walk a path of vulnerability, a path where control lies with a higher power.    (Previously the group consisted of Regional Representatives)

The context in which the charges around the diocese engage is dynamic and unique.    The levels at which engagement takes places ranges from licensed ministry, associated charities e.g. St Matthew Centre, St Mary’s for All, Mothers’ Union, Hall users and laity who meet in a plethora of groupings.  The spectrum for outreach is fulsome non-hierarchical and exciting!

Examples of exciting outreach since July 2015 which have been in receipt of small Diocesan Grants include:-

Doorway to Hope – Wider Opportunities for Women, G66 Stoma Support Group, Glasgow Youth Arts Hub Festival and Scottish Episcopal Church at Glasgow Pride.

Categories for which grants are available are wide ranging – Access and Equality, Social Inclusion, Older People, Children, Youth and Families and Ecumenical Projects.

The other Grant available from the team is the Vicar’s Relief Fund which focuses on preventing homelessness. Despite the name the responsibility for helping to prevent homelessness lies with us all, not solely clergy.   It is disappointing that applications for this Grant are seldom received.       One application has been received since July 2015 which resulted in a family receiving a cooker which helped them set up a new tenancy.

Information on applying for Diocesan and Vicar’s Relief Fund are available on this site.

The team look forward to hearing from you.    Together we can share and learn from one another as we reach out with God’s love to our neighbours.

Ann x