Glasgow & Galloway Growth Strategy

The United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway has a strategic intention for growth, launched in 2010 when Bishop Gregor took office.

The strategy is called ‘Growing with God’s Grace in Glasgow and Galloway’, and it involves    charges in the Diocese in Mission Action Planning, discerning missional goals for the year ahead and reviewing them annually with the Bishop.

The Diocese has identified 6 strands within which congregations can choose to work, aiming for their desired growth.

These are:

Congregations are not expected to address these strands alone.  They are supported by specially trained Facilitators who accompany them as they seek to discern which of the six fruits they are called to develop in the year ahead.  They can also call upon the help of the seven Development Teams, each of whom offers targeted support for a particular strand of the strategic intention by means of training sessions, advice or educational materials.

A Growth Fund is also available to help support stated MAP goals, and there is a section of the website where MAP resources can be found at:

From the provincial website of the Scottish Episcopal Church:

Mission and Ministry Policy

Mission Board