27th July Electoral Synod Summary

July 31, 2019
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On Saturday the 27th July, the Electoral Synod of the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway met with the College of Bishops at Holy Trinity and St Barnabas, Paisley.

The meeting began with a celebration of the Eucharist and was followed by a brief explanation by the Primus as to the reasons the Second Mandate failed to produce a shortlist to present to the electors.

The College of Bishops then heard a short presentation by the Canon Missioner which explained the work that had gone into producing the Diocesan Profile.

The Primus asked the assembled members to divide into five groups. Each group spent an hour speaking with one of the bishops, who facilitated the discussion. The bishops will now receive the notes from those discussions as an aid to their prayer and deliberations.

The meeting concluded with an expression of gratitude to the College. A heartfelt thanks was also offered to the Primus for his ministry to the Diocese.