Comment on asylum seeker evictions in Glasgow from the Primus

July 29, 2019
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The Most Rev Mark Strange, Acting Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway and the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church writes:

As a Church, we believe that one of the most basic human rights is the right to safe and secure shelter (Matthew 25:31-41), to have a place to call home. A civilised society should seek to shelter everyone from the trauma of being evicted from their home.
Yet once again, asylum seekers are having the locks changed on their homes and are threatened with living on the streets. This is happening here, in Glasgow, a city that prides itself on its welcome.
We urge the UK Government to stop these evictions, to listen to the concerns of the Scottish Government. It would be good to think that we, too, are living by the message of the Gospel of Matthew; “when I was hungry, thirsty, naked…”