SEI News – July/August 2019

July 8, 2019
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The latest news from the Scottish Episcopal Institute can be downloaded here JULY-AUGUST 2019 NEWS FROM SEI.


The photo, courtesy of Aidan Strange, shows the 2019 Leavers after the Valedictory Eucharist. They are listed here from back left, followed by the initial of the Diocese in which each will serve her/his Title. Mike Blake (A&O) and Russell Duncan (Ed) are missing from the photograph.
Don Grant (MR&C) Jean Souter (A&O) Peter Woodifield(Ed)
Jenny Holden (A&O) Sue Ward (Ed) Susan Henderson (URC)
Kathryn Sanderson (MR&C) Roxanne Campbell (Br) Katrina O’Neill (MR&C)
Jane Edwards (Ed) Annie Hughes (StAD&D) Harriet Oxley (G&G)