Window Wanderland

March 4, 2019
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St Andrew’s Milngavie recently took part in “Window Wanderland” which is a neighbourhood arts project where people decorate and illuminate their windows to create an outdoor gallery trail for the community to enjoy on a specified night or nights during the long dark evenings in winter. It was started in Bristol by artist and resident Lucy Reeves Khan four years ago and has spread across the UK and worldwide. It is about lifting people’s spirits and warding off feelings of isolation, having fun being creative and bringing people out to explore their local area and meet their neighbours.

Caroline from St Andrew’s said: “This was the first year that Milngavie has taken part and their event was organised through their Business Improvement District. St Andrew’s was approached to take part through the Dorcas Craft Group that I help facilitate. It  was  held on 9th and 10th  February. It included a West Highland Way themed treasure trail with clues posted in various windows that people had to find and write down the name of the venue. St Andrew’s was given clue number 4. Ben Lomond so we had a lot of people viewing our windows.

I’ve sometimes wondered when listening to bible readings describing the disciples fishing what their reaction would be today if they hauled in their nets and discovered their catch contaminated with plastic. At St Andrew’s in Milngavie we were given the perfect opportunity to make an environmental statement when we were asked to take part in Window Wanderland.  We wanted to bring St Andrew the fisherman into the reality of today. Our SOS is open to personal interpretation. Save Our Souls is what church is all about and fits well with our lenten study course Jon Ortberg’s book Soul Keeping. Save Our Seas is an important message to raise awareness about the state of our oceans although plastic is only one small part of an increasingly alarming environmental catastrophe.

Having an idea is one thing but it takes an imaginative team to create a display that is as bold and eye catching as our wanderland windows. My thanks to Gail, Mark and Liz for making it such an exciting, enjoyable and hopefully memorable project.” 

Whilst the Milngavie event is now over details of other Window Wanderland events taking place across the city during the next two months can be found online.