Introducing Environmental Chaplaincy

November 23, 2018
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A message from Eco-Congregation Scotland

Following a conversation with your provincial Church Relations Officer, Ms Miriam Weibye, I would like to make contact, send greetings, and introduce myself:

I was recently appointed as the second Environmental Chaplain for Eco-Congregation Scotland, which is generously supported via the Church in Society budget. My purpose in writing  is to investigate how to improve contact with the dioceses and ultimately local churches, as well as investigating what can be offered in the area of training at this time of accelerating climate crisis.

As chaplain, I am very happy to be invited as a guest preacher in local church, or  in something like a chaplaincy role in event/conference situations, and it would be good if this could be more widely known.  I have already contributed to worship in three episcopal churches in various parts of Scotland, and hope to be part of your Advent video project.

I am an ordained minster of the United Reformed Church, seconded full-time to Eco-Congregation Scotland for the next five years.

I will also be co-ordinating an ecumenical group to produce lectionary-based material for the ’Season of Creation’, each year in September, which a number of your local churches already to some extent observe.

love & peace,
Rev’d David J.M.Coleman
BA. BTh. PgDip.
Environmental Chaplain 

Eco-Congregation Scotland