St Oswald’s Kings Park community crafting group

August 7, 2018
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St Oswald’s Kings Park are providing a community crafting group, it is part of our new ‘yeast fellowship’. for our felting workshops we are looking for foam, the sort you get in packing boxes, the hard stuff. It is a good recycling opportunity 🙂 this stuff is awful in landfil so if we get use out of it at least it has been reused.

Also if any one in your church families would like to learn the art of 3D felting for £2.50 a session please let me know.

Or if you would like our wonderful Krissy to come and run a work shop for you. – not for small children though. The needles are very sharp.

We prayed last night about all of the creating groups that happen in our church buildings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a diocesan display of works. ‘ creating with the creator’ have a prayerful think about that, then get in touch 🙂

Any way, blessings from us to you.

Rev Lesley-Ann Craddock