Worship Leaders Course

March 6, 2018
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Six people, from congregations ranging from St Augustine’s Dumbarton to St John’s Stranraer, recently completed the Diocesan Authorised Worship Leader’s Course.  This was led by Bishop Gregor and Canon Gordon Fyfe in the Diocesan Centre over 5 weekly evening sessions.


Bishop Gregor with the Worship Leaders – Malcolm Green, Kirstin Wiggins, Ian Arbon, Anthea Clarke, Trudy Hill and Russell MacGregor.

All participants had the support of their local Rector and Vestry before beginning their training.  For a couple this was a welcome refresher course and for most the sessions provided much new practical guidance and pointers to useful future resources.


In order to ensure that all lay authorised Worship Leaders are appropriately trained, the Authorised Worship Leader Course will be offered in the Galloway Region of the Diocese later this year.


Revd Canon Gordon Fyfe
Bishop’s advisor in authorised lay ministries