Bishop Gregor’s progress – a message from the Dean

January 30, 2017
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Message from the Dean

Bishop Gregor has continued to make a determined recovery in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital during this past week whilst rehabilitating from the effects of a mild stroke.  We are indebted to the care and professionalism of the medical team.

Plans are now being made for his return home during the coming week and when all things are in place he will be discharged from hospital.

Thank you for all your letters, messages and cards of support and prayer and to the local clergy who have offered their ministration each day whilst in hospital.  They have been very much part of the healing process.  This will continue, as we respect Bishop Gregor’s privacy, and give him the necessary period of time to recuperate gently.

Please continue to contact the Diocesan Centre if you wish to make an appointment to visit Bishop Gregor over this forthcoming week as the situation changes.  Postal messages can be sent to his home, but please be mindful not to telephone him at home or email his private address.

I will update the Diocese in a week’s time regarding his convalescence.  May I add my personal thanks to everyone for co-operating with my requests for the care of Bishop Gregor and the unity of the Diocese.

In Christ