It’s a matter of shame that in a society so rich many are unable to feed themselves and their families

July 22, 2015
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In responding to the Budget last week, The Rt Rev Dr Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway said: “At a time when many churches in my diocese, in very poor areas, not so poor areas and fairly well-off areas, are offering significant support through food banks and other agencies to people in desperate need, I find it hard, without being party political, to see how the recent budget is going to reduce the need for this kind of intervention. Indeed, it may very well make the need even more pressing. It must surely be a matter not only of the deepest regret, but also of shame, that in a society so rich so many should be unable to feed themselves and their families without this kind of help. I am sure that politicians of all parties, including the present UK Government, must sense that this is a blot on our society and that they will wish to adopt measures to expunge it.” – See more at: